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Traitors in American History

Learn about the traitors throughout America's history from the Revolutionary War to the present.

Aldrich Ames
Aldrich Ames was accused of espionage for the Soviets. Learn about his case and its implications for U.S. intelligence.

Alger Hiss
Alger Hiss spent his life from the 1950s until he died in 1996 trying to clear his name of espionage charges.

The Burr Conspiracy
Aaron Burr conspired to detach the Western states and the Louisiana Purchase from the United States and create his own empire. Read more about his conspiracy here.

The Rosenberg Trial
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were both executed for spying for the Soviets. Read about their trial and their possible guilt or innocence.

Sons of Liberty: Patriots or Terrorists?
Should the Sons of Liberty be viewed as patriots or terrorists - traitors against the British? Read this article and decide for yourself.

The Treason of Benedict Arnold
Read the details of Benedict Arnold's treasonous acts.

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