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21st Amendment

Text of the Twenty-First Amendment


The 21st Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified on December 5, 1933. This amendment repealed the 18th amendment thereby ending prohibition. Herbert Hoover had spoken in his presidential acceptance speech in 1932 of the need to end prohibition and move forward.

Text of the 21st Amendment

Section 1.
The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.

Section 2.
The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of intoxicating liquors, in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby prohibited.

Section 3.
The article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by conventions in the several States, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the States by the Congress.

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