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Fast Facts: Presidents 11-20

Fast Facts About Presidents 11-20


James K. Polk - Some consider Polk to be the best one term president. He was known as a dark horse candidate.

Zachary Taylor - Taylor, nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready," was president when the Compromise of 1850 came about. However, he died in office before it was enacted.

Millard Fillmore - Fillmore became president upon Zachary Taylor's death. His support of the Compromise of 1850 caused him his party's nomination for reelection in 1852.

Franklin Pierce - Pierce was president during the growing storm of sectionalism that would eventually lead to the Civil War. It was during his presidency that the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed.

James Buchanan - Buchanan's presidency was marked by increased strife. He could not stop the move towards secession that occurred upon the election of his successor, Abraham Lincoln, and occurred while he was still in office.

Abraham Lincoln - Lincoln was president during the period of America's greatest upheaval. Many historians claim him to be the greatest president in American History.

Andrew Johnson - Johnson succeeded to the presidency upon the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He was the first president to have been impeached but he was not removed from office.

Ulysses S. Grant - Grant's time in office was marked by numerous presidential scandals including Black Friday, Credit Mobilier, and the Whiskey Ring scandals.

Rutherford B. Hayes - Many claim that the reason why Hayes became president despite losing the popular vote was that he agreed to the Compromise of 1877 that officially ended Reconstruction.

James A. Garfield - Garfield was shot four months into office and would later die of his wounds. He spent most of his time dealing with patronage issues.

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