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Which Presidents Were Left-Handed?


James Garfield, Twentieth President of the United States

James Garfield, Twentieth President of the United States

Credit: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, LC-BH82601-1484-B DLC
Question: Which Presidents Were Left-Handed?
Answer: There have been eight left-handed presidents that we know of. However, even this number is not necessarily accurate because in the past left-handedness was actively discouraged. Many individuals who would have grown up left-handed were in fact made to learn how to write with their right hand.

James Garfield (March-September 1881) is considered by many to be the first president who may have been left-handed. Anecdotes state that he could write with both hands at the same time. However, he only served six months before succumbing to gunshot wounds after Charles Guiteau shot him in July of his first term.

Left-Handed Presidents

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