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Top 10 War Movies


Here are the top 10 war movies based on events from America's past. Enjoy!

1. Saving Private Ryan

A very accurate portrayal of the rigors of war. An instant classic that most people would argue is the most accurate war movie ever created. The film chronicles the mission of Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) and his men to find Private Ryan (Matt Damon) during the World War II invasion of Normandy of.
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2. Gettysburg

The classic Civil War movie detailing arguably the most important battle of American History. This fantastic movie is based on the even better novel, "The Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara.

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3. Patton

The classic portrayal of Patton by George C. Scott. He was one of the most interesting figures of the World War II era and was instrumental in the US victory.
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4. Sands of Iwo Jima

A John Wayne classic in which he was Oscar nominated for his portrayal of Sgt. Stryker. The movie shows the marines at their finest, island hopping through the Pacific to assault Iwo Jima during World War II.
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5. Glory

The Civil War movie that chronicles the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts. This African American unit fought bravely in an effort to win freedom for themselves and all slaves. The final battle is heroic and poignant.
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6. Hamburger Hill

A true story of the 101st Airborne's fight to gain a hill in Vietnam. This movie is considered to be one of the best movies about the war in Vietnam.
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7. Tora! Tora! Tora!

A classic World War II movie focusing on the war in the Pacific. It is unique in that it shows both perspectives (Japanese and American) of the war.
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8. Black Hawk Down

A true story of the Army Rangers in action in Somalia. This movie highlights the courage of the US forces and the complexities of modern warfare.
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9. We Were Soldiers

An inspiring depiction of one of the earliest pitched battles in Vietnam. Mel Gibson does an excellent job portraying the courageous commander involved in a no-win situation. His inspired leadership saves the majority of his troops.
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10. The Patriot

A compilation of true historical figures formed the basis for Mel Gibson's character in this film set during the American Revolution. It shows that not all colonists were committed to the war on ideological grounds.
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