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Women's History

The history of women and women's rights in America
  1. Womens Suffrage (8)

Women's History Month
Jone Johnson Lewis astonishes me with her amazing work on such a continual basis on her Woman's History site. This is the story of how Women's History Month came to being.

Women's Voices: Quotations from Women
Notable women -- and some less known -- comment on life, women, history, work, and other subjects. From Jone Johnson Lewis's fine Women's History site.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow
From the Greenhow Collection at Duke University, the collection is mostly correspondence with Rose Greenhow related to her activities on behalf of the Confederate States of America. Also includes a nice little biography.

Julia Ward Howe: Beyond the Battle Hymn of the Republic
Although she is primarily known for writing Battle Hymn of the Republic, Julia Ward Howe also worked for peace and woman suffrage. From Jone Johnson Lewis and her great Women's History site.

Women of the Harlem Renaissance
Another of Jone Johnson's great articles for her Women's History site. This one is about some of the great women who were at the forefront of the Harlem Renaissance.

Harriet Tubman
Born a slave, once she was free, she wanted to help other people to freedom. She made at least fifteen trips to the south and led at least 200 people to freedom. These overnight stops came to be known as the Underground Railroad.

Integrating Women's History Across the Curriculum
It is important to connect with girls and young women by incorporating women's history and contributions throughout the curriculum. Here are some ideas and strategies to accomplish this. From About.com's Secondary Education Site.

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