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World War I

The Great War - World War I - and its people, places, battles and events.

Top Five Causes of World War 1
The road to World War 1 was not a simple or straightforward one. There is still much debate about the root causes of the war. Here are the top five causes of World War 1.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated in 1914. His death is the main event that led to World War I. Read about his life and assassination with this profile.

Battles of World War I
A listing of the battles from World War I with links to additional information about each battle. You must scroll down past the blue box to see the information.

Death of an Archduke, 1914
The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia ignited the Great War. Read the tale of this event that changed the course of human history.

The Eastern Front
An article that details the fighting on the eastern front of World War I. Read about the clashes that occurred between the Russian forces and Germany.

U-boat Attack, 1916
The submarine became a formidable weapon in World War I. Read how the Germans nearly beat the British with the aid of this weapon.

The Western Front
A great account of World War I fighting on the western front. This article has pictures and maps to aid in the understanding of the war waged on this front.

The Versailles Treaty - 1919
Read the treaty that ended the Great War. This site offers an easy-to-use click through the sections of the treaty.

World War I: Maps
A great collection of World War I maps. There are maps showing different theatres of war and of individual battles. This a great site to help your understanding of the Great War.

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