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American History: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
5 Things That Caused the U.S. Civil War
What caused the Civil War? While slavery did have an important part to play, there were other causes that fed the fight between North and South. Here is a detailed look at the five major causes of the Civil War
What Is the Fourteenth Amendment and What Does...
Learn more about the effects of the fourteenth amendment through this 14th amendment summary. It answers the question: what is the fourteenth amendment.
3 Requirements for Becoming President of the...
A natural born U.S. citizen who is at least 35 years old and has lived in the United States for at least 14 years (not necessarily consecutively)
The Top 5 Causes That Led to World War I. Could...
What were the main causes of World War I? Learn about how mutual defense alliances, imperialism, militarism, and nationalism all played a part.
How Many Justices Are on the Supreme Court?
Currently,there are nine Supreme Court justices on the United States Supreme Court.The number of justices is set by Congress and has varied from five to 10.
Top 5 Causes of the Great Depression
What were the top causes of the Great Depression in the United States? Here is a list of the top five causes of the Great Depression.
9 Key Events That Led to the American Civil War
Here is a list of the top nine events in chronological order that would lead to the American Civil War.
Which State Seceded First During the American...
Here is a chart showing the order of secession from the Union. South Carolina was first on December 20, 1860. Tennessee was the 11th on June 8,1861
How Rules Changed Over Prisoner Exchange During...
Rules around captured soldier and prisoner exchange during the Civil War is quite fascinating. Read this article to learn more.
Read the Full Text of the 14th Amendment
The 14th amendent was a key amendment in the history of civil rights.
Secession and the American Civil War
Here is an overview of the American Civil War. Learn about secession, the war, its aftermath, its major battles, and much more.
You Should Know About Checks and Balances
The government of the United States was set up with three branches, each of which has specific powers designed to ensure no branch gains too much power.
Chart of the Thirteen Original Colonies - Basic...
Learn about the founding of each of the thirteen original colonies from this handy chart.
How Many Years Can a Person Be President in the...
A president of the United States can only be elected to two full terms, and is limited to serving for a total of 10 years in office.
The 10 Bloodiest Battles of the Civil War
The Battle of Gettysburg resulted in 51,000 casualties, the most during the Civil War. The second bloodiest was the Battle of Chickamaug with 34,624 dead.
What Does the 2nd Amendment Say?
The 2nd amendent. American History.
Chart of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of...
This informative chart gives quick reference information on the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, their terms of office and their political parties.
American History Timelines - Wars with American...
This American History timeline focuses on American involvement in wars throughout its colonial and present-day history.
Who Were the Most Influential United States...
Who were the most influential Presidents of the United States? Who had the most influence or effected the nation to the greatest extent? This top ten list includes my picks.
The 10 Most Significant Founding Fathers
Learn all about the ten most significant founding fathers of the United States.
What Caused the American Revolution?
A look at the colonial mindset and the actual events that led to the American Revolutionary War.
Declaration of Independence Quiz
Test your knowledge of the Declaration of Independence with this quiz.
Key Facts About Mount Rushmore
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" >South Dakota . It was the brainchild of
How Many Presidents Were Assassinated?
How many American presidents were assassinated? Find out with this FAQ about the American presidents.
The Six Best Civil War Movies You Need to Watch
Check out my top six picks for Civil War dramatic movies.
President Pictures
Here are pictures of each of the presidents of the United States.
Why did the Articles of Confederation fail?
Why did the Articles of Confederation fail? Find the answer to this and other Articles of Confederation questions here.
10 Significant New Deal Programs
Here are the top ten New Deal programs created to help deal with the Great Depression. Learn about the key points for each of these major programs.
Significant Events of the American Industrial...
Introduction to the historical background and important people, events, and inventions of the Industrial Revolution in the United States. Page 1 of 2.
Learn About Theodore Roosevelt's Life and...
The life, careers and accomplishments of the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, from early childhood onward.
Abraham Lincoln: Who Was the 16th President of...
The life, career, accomplishments and assassination of the 16th president of the United States, who served during the Civil War.
Industrial Revolution Inventors Chart
Use this Industrial Revolution chart to find the key events and dates of the Industrial Revolution.
How Well Do You Know the First 10 US Presidents?
Biographical fast facts and links to more info about US Presidents 1 - 10, from George Washington to John Tyler.
Fatal and Attempted Shootings of US Presidents
Four United State Presidents have been assassinated, starting with Abraham Lincoln. Six more have been the target of assassination attempts.
Read the Text of the US Constitution's 15th...
The 15th amendment. American History.
What Are Requirements to Become a Supreme Court...
What are the requirements to become a Supreme Court justice? Read this faq to find out the answer.
Is Left-Handedness a Presidential "Thing"?
There have been eight left-handed presidents that we know of. However, this is not necessarily accurate because in the past left-handedness was discouraged.
Top 10 Most Influential First Ladies of the...
Dolley Madison,Sarah Polk,Abigail Fillmore,Caroline Harrison,Edith Wilson,Eleanor Roosevelt,Jaqueline Kennedy,Betty Ford,Rosalyn Carter, Hillary Clinton.
How Many Amendments Does the Constitution Have?
How many amendments have been added to the Constitution? Find out in this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about the Constitution.
The 50 States and When They Were Admitted to...
This chart lists the dates on which each state was admitted into the United States.
Was Tecumseh's Curse a Coincidence or Something...
Every president from William Henry Harrison to John F. Kennedy who was elected in a year ending with a zero was assassinated or died in office.
Who Was the Youngest President of the United...
Who was the youngest president of the United States? Find out the answer with this FAQ.
5 Compromises That Were Key to Creating the US...
A list of the main compromises by the founding fathers to create the US Constitution, including how each state would be represented in Congress
Jefferson's Biggest Problem With the Louisiana...
A look at President Thomas Jefferson's motivations and the impact the Louisiana Purchase had on the United States.
American Flag History
History of the American Flag. Learn about American flag history from 1777 to the present.
Whose Faces Are on Mount Rushmore?
Whose faces are on Mount Rushmore? Read this FAQ to find out the answer.
How Many Presidents of the US Were Democrats?
Which presidents were Democrats? Find out which american presidents were Democrats.
The First Day of the Battle of Gettysburg: What...
Read about Day one of the Battle of Gettysburg that occurred during the American Civil War on July 1, 1863.
How Long Does a Supreme Court Justice Serve on...
The US Constitution states that once confirmed by the Senate, a justice serves for life. However, they may retire if they wish. They can also be impeached.
Who was the only president to serve on the...
Who was the only president to serve on the Supreme Court? This article answers this questions and provides further details about his time on the court..
Facts and Founding Dates for the 13 Colonies
A bulleted list of the thirteen colonies. The list includes colony name, year founded, and the founders of each of the colonies.
What's the Social Contract Mean for the...
The idea of the social contract is one of the foundations of the American political system - that the state only exists to serve the will of the people.
How the US Wound Up With Two Legislative Bodies
What is the Great Compromise? Find out in this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about the Constitution.
7 Facts About the US Constitution
Want a quick overview of the facts surrounding the U.S. Constitution? Check out these fast facts.
Who Takes Over If the President Dies?
What is the order of presidential succession? When was it created? Find out with this quick overview.
Find Out the Oldest President of the US
Who was the oldest person to serve as president of the United States? Read this FAQ to find out the answer.
Studying the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence is arguably one of the most influential in the history of the United States. Learn about its history and significance.
A Profile of George Washington, the 1st...
The life and career of the first president of the United States, and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.
Who selects the Supreme Court justices?
Who selects the Supreme Court justices? What method is used to first select and then confirm them to the United States Supreme Court?
Scott v. Stanford - Court Case of Scott v....
Scott v. Stanford was a historic court case that impacted the condition of slavery. The court case struck down the Missouri Compromise and the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
1st Amendment
The 1st amendment guarantees freedom of religion, speech, the press, the right to assemble, and the right to petition the government.
What Happened During the Great Awakening in...
A period of individual spiritual awakening in colonial New England. Learn more about the history, the individuals involved, and its significance.
The Importance of the Cotton Gin to American...
The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney on March 14, 1794. This page looks at the background, historical significance, and interesting facts about the cotton gin.
Articles of Confederation - Documents of...
Read the text of the Articles of Confederation, the first government body of the United States. This form of government was found to have numerous weaknesses and was replaced with the present-day Constitution.
The 6 Core Principles Behind the US Government
Here is an overview of the United States Government that explains the organization of the three branches and their interaction. It leads to further information for more in depth study.
What Are the Amendments in the Bill of Rights?
What are the Bill of Rights? Find out in this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about the Constitution.
Why Is the Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court...
This U.S. Supreme Court case established the precedent of Judicial Review - the ability of the Judiciary Branch to declare a law unconstitutional.
10 Presidential Scandals You Should Know
Scandals and the presidency seem to go together. Here is a list of the top 10 presidential scandals that occurred while a president was either running for office or serving as the president.
What Does the US Constitution Say About Slavery?
What does the Constitution say about slavery? Find out in this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about the Constitution.
Everything You Need to Know About Colonial...
Want to find out about Colonial America? Here is an overview of the thirteen colonies and the important differences between the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.
Get the Facts on Chester Arthur, the 21st...
Biographical fast facts about Chester Arthur, the twenty-first president of the United States.
13th Amendment
The 13th amendment is one of the Reconstruction amendments. Read the text of the 13th amendment and learn more.
The 10 Most Important Inventors of the...
Here is a look at ten of the most significant American inventors during the 19th century, including Thomas Edison (phonograph, light bulb, movies etc.)
The 3 Requirements to Become a US Senator
The US Constitution lists three: at least 30 years of age, a US citizen for at least nine years, and a resident of the state the Senator represents.
10th Amendment
The 10th amendment was the last of the Bill of Rights. It reinforced the idea of federalism. Read the text of the 10th amendment and learn more.
The South, wishing to uphold the belief of state's rights, seceded from the Union in 1861.
How the Compromise of 1850 Helped Delay the...
The Compromise of 1850 was a group of five bills that were intended to stave off sectional strife that would eventually lead to the United States Civil War.
4 Presidents Who Did Not Win the Popular Vote
Which presidents were elected without receiving a plurality of the popular vote? In other words, which presidents won without winning the popular vote? Find out the answer with this FAQ about the American presidents.
5 Popular Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy...
The first of three pages about Lincoln's death offers what's undisputed, as in introduction to unravelling the many mysteries and conspiracy theories.
Barack Obama's Life and Presidency
Learn about Barack Obama, the apparent president-elect of the United States. Read about his childhood, his career pre-presidency, and his campaign for president.
World War II - Fighting in Europe
How did World War II begin? Why did America get involved? What were the major events in Europe, the Pacific, and in America at home during World War II? Read this overview to find the answer to thesse questions and more.
A Profile of President Andrew Jackson
The life and career of the seventh president of the United States, covering his childhood, his career as soldier, lawyer, legislator, his presidency.
Constitutional Convention
Here is a profile of the Constitutional Convention.
Learn About the Life and Presidency of James...
James Garfield was the twentieth president of the United States. Learn about Garfield's early childhood, his career before the presidency, his presidency, and assassination.
What Were the Results of the Lincoln-Douglas...
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates were key in getting Abraham Lincoln noticed by the Republican Party. Learn all about the Lincoln-Douglas debates with this article from your About.com Guide.
12 Years in Office: Major Events During FDR's...
The life and career and accomplishments of the 32nd president of the United States, who led America during the Great Depression and World War II.
What is the role of the Chief Justice?
The Chief Justice, as head of the United States Supreme Court, presides over the court during all private and public conferences and sessions
A Biography of the 3rd President of the US:...
The life and career of the writer of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States, from his early childhood onward.
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
Read the text of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.
A Definition of Separation of Powers
What is the separation of powers according to the US Constitution? What is the origin of this idea?
What Is Habeas Corpus?
The writ of habeas corpus is an important right given to American citizens. This writ means that normally individuals cannot be held without being brought before the court. Read more about this right and its definition here.
How Many Presidents Have Died While in Office?
How many presidents died while serving as chief executive of the United States? Find out with this FAQ about the American Presidents.
Ten Things to Know About John F. Kennedy
Learn ten important things that you should know about John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth president of the United States.
The Reconstruction Plans of Congress and the...
What were the major events of reconstruction? What was reconstruction all about? Learn about this fascinating era in American History.
Plessy v. Ferguson
Plessy v Ferguson was a Supreme Court decision that upheld the separate but equal doctrine. Learn more about this key court case with this profile.
Which State Ratified the Constitution First?
What was the order for ratification of the Constitution? Find out in this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about the Constitution.
Declaration of Independence
Read the text of the Declaration of Independence. Also included are the individuals who signed the document and the states they represented.
The Major Historical Events of William...
Learn About William McKinley from his early childhood through his career before the presidency to his time as president and his assassination.
What Was the Platform of the Bull Moose Party?
Theodore Roosevelt created this political party when he was denied the Republican Party's nomination for president in 1912.
United States Supreme Court
What is the US Supreme Court? What does it do? This article looks at the basics of the US Supreme Court.
Why is the Magna Carta seen as a key document...
Why is the Magna Carta so important to the founding of the United States of America?
Timeline of the Events Leading to the American...
This timeline of the events leading to the American Revolution provides a comprehensive look at the causes of the Revolutionary War. Check it out today.
A Profile of President JFK
The life of the 35th president of the United States, from his early childhood through to his time as president in a period some called Camelot.
Facts and Trivia About President George...
Brief biographical information about George Washington, the first President of the United States, who served from 1789 to 1797.
Why Was the Colony of Georgia Founded?
Learn more about the Georgia colony.
Bleeding Kansas: When the Fight Over Slavery...
Bleeding Kansas was the name given to the violence that occurred in the Kansas territory between 1854-58 when anti- and pro-slavery forces fought for control of the territory. Learn more about this event in American History.
10 Key Facts to Know About James Madison
Learn more about America's fourth president, James Madison, with these ten essential facts. about his life and times as president.
15 Important Dates in the Timeline of Prohibition
While the 18th amendment took away the right of individual Americans to drink alcohol, its success was short lived.
Must-Know Fast Facts About Abe Lincoln
Brief biographical information about the sixteenth President of the United States.
9 Things You Should Know About the Vietnam War
Here are the essentials that you should know about the Vietnam War.
George Washington
Here is an image of George Washington, the first president of the United States.
Famous Americans Killed in World War II
Find out which famous american actors and sports figures who were killed during World War II.
The Consequences of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff
What is the Smoot-Hawley Tariff? What effect did it have on the Great Depression? Find out the answer to these and more questions.
7 Important Supreme Court Cases
Want to learn more about key Supreme Court decisions? This list of Supreme Court cases provides a look at some of the key decisions the United States Supreme Court has made since America's founding.
10 Key Facts You May Not Know About George...
George Washington was commander of the Continental Army and the first president of the United States, unanimously elected. Here are 10 interesting facts.
How Virginia Colony Was Founded
Learn more about the Virginia Colony founded by the London Company in colonial America.
10 Things to Know About Thomas Jefferson
Here are ten key facts to know about the third president, Thomas Jefferson.
The Historical Significance of Brown v. Board...
Brown v Board of Education was a Supreme Court decision that overturned the separate but equal doctrine which had been given legal standing with Plessy v Ferguson. Learn more about this key court case with this profile.
Territories of the United States
Here is a chart presenting the territories of the United States, their capitals, and the years they were acquired.
american history timelines, key events,...
Use these American History Timelines to find the key events that happened in America's past. This timeline focuses on the years 1601-1625.
What were John Adams’ last words?
Learn more about this important figure in American history, as well as his relationship with Thomas Jefferson.
What Is Popular Sovereignty?
This states that the source of governmental power lies with the people. It is one of the six foundational principles upon which the US Constitution is built.
Battle of Chickamauga
Want the fast facts about the Battle of Chickamauga? Learn about the battle, its outcome, and its significance.
10 Important Facts About President Andrew Jackson
A look at Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, from the Battle of New Orleans to the Indian Removal Act.
The 10 Most Significant US Presidential Elections
What presidential elections have been the most significant? Here is a list of the top ten presidential elections in American History.
How Was the Mayflower Compact Created?
The Mayflower Compact was the primitive Constitution agreed to aboard the Mayflower in 1620. Learn more about this important document.
The Importance of the Invention of the Steam...
James Watt invented the first reliable steam engine in 1775. Learn more about his invention and the importance of the steam engine in the industrial revolution.
What Was the Triangle Trade?
A specific trading pattern that existed in Colonial New England, which shipped rum to Africa for slaves that were then sold for molasses in the West Indies.
Important Facts About Thomas Jefferson
Brief biographical information about Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States.
Inventor, Writer, Politician: The Life of...
Here is an biography of Benjamin Franklin. His life as a scientist, writer, politician, elder statesmen, and diplomat was hugely significant in the history of America. Learn more about Benjamin Franklin here.
Which Presidents Were Republican?
Which presidents were Republican? Find out which American presidents were Republicans.
Characteristics of New England Colonies
What were the characteristics of the New England colonies? Learn about the major characteristics of New England during the American colonial era.
The Founding of Massachusetts Colony
Learn more about the Massachusetts colony.
Get the Facts on the Last 4 US Presidents
Biographical fast facts about United States Presidents 41 - 44, from George H. W. Bush to Barack Obama including Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
Fast Facts: Presidents 11-20
Biographical fast facts about United States Presidents 11 - 20, from James K. Polk to James Garfield including Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, and more.
Nullification was a doctrine of state's rights.
Dissenting Opinion
What is a dissenting opinion for the US Supreme Court? What is its significance?
First Ladies | Chart of the First Ladies and...
This informative chart gives quick reference information on the First Ladies along with interesting facts about each first lady.
The Life, Presidency, and Accomplishments of...
Learn more about the 5th president of the United States, James Monroe including his childhood, career before the presidency, and his time as president
What Happened During the Great Depression?
What was the Great Depression? What does it mean when people use this term? Here are the basics of this important time in America's past.
What to Know About the Colonial Governments of...
Learn about the nature of colonial governments in the thirteen colonies.
John Adams
Here is portrait of John Adams, the second President of the United States. Page 2.
Fast Facts About Andrew Jackson, America's 7th...
Brief biographical information about Andrew Jackson, the Seventh President of the United States, who served from 1829-1837
10 Things You Need to Know About John Adams
Here are ten key and interesting facts to know about the second president of the United States
Duel Between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
Learn all about the duel between Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr including what caused it and its aftermath.
Everything You Need to Know About the New...
Learn more about the New Jersey colony.
10 War Movies That Showcase American History
Here are the top 10 best war movies that are based on events from America's past.
Who was on the first Supreme Court?
Who was on the first United States Supreme Court? Check out this faq for the answer.
Get to Know the 43 Presidents of the US
Biographical fast facts about the Presidents of the United States.
8 Important Facts About John F Kennedy
Brief biographical information about John F Kennedy, the thirty-fifth president of the United States. States.

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