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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

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Where's Reagan?

Reagan most definitely deserves a spot in the top ten
—Guest Craig

Top Ten

1. Woodrow Wilson After that (The order, for me, is subject to change): Harry Truman Abraham Lincoln George Washington Franklin Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt John Kennedy Lyndon B. Johnson William Henry Harrison (the dude was pretty funny, just research what he did exactly one month after becoming president!) And Bill Clinton
—Guest Shawn

Majored in U. S. history

I have to say that Abraham Lincoln, who I love and admire as the SECOND greatest President, is NOT even close to George Washington. If you doubt me, simply read the latest biography by Ron Chernow. On a scale of 10, Washington ranks at least a 9 and Lincoln a 2. To create a nation is a far greater achieve than to save a nation. Lincoln tried numerous generals until he found a drunkard who was able to defeat the great traitor Robert E. Lee. Lincoln was wise but not as wise as Washington by a long shot. Furthermore, FDR who is highly esteemed, I have now found out, actually prolonged the recession at that time and turned it into a great depression due to his spending. He ranks far lower.
—Guest Gary Lindberg

10 Greatest U. S.Presidents

1.) Abraham Lincoln; 2.) Washington; 3.) F.D.R.; 4.) J.F.K.; 5.) T.Roosevelt; 6.)Wilson; 7.) Jefferson; 8.) Truman; 9.) Eisenhower ; 10.) Ronald Reagan. As for Jackson, the despot and unindicted war criminal( "The Trail of Tears" fiasco and usurpation & defiance of the Supreme Court)---he should be posthumously impeached and replaced on the $20 bill by Ronald Reagan. And while we're on the subject of U.S. currency, take that weasel Hamilton off the $10 bill and replace him with a true American hero: Aaron Burr (you'll remember that, during the campaign of our heroes Jefferson and Burr, Douchebag Hamilton called Burr's wife a whore, whereupon God intervened, giving Burr the righteousness, providence strength and high honor of blowing Hamilton's brains out. ( Go Aaron, Go Aaron...) 0


lincoln definitely has to be in the top 10.. not only did he reunite the union, lead the nation through the civil war, and laid the foundation for abolishing slavery!
—Guest Guest 1234

My Top Ten, not that yours are bad

1. Abraham Lincoln 2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 3. George Washington 4. Theodore Roosevelt 5. James K. Polk 6. Thomas Jefferson 7. Woodrow Wilson 8. Harry S. Truman 9. Lyndon B. Johnson 10. James Madison
—Guest Rough Rider


Dwight Eisenhower !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest ??????????

im not sure

im doing a assiagnment in us history and i think washington is one of them. he was very good in the war with that german genral von stouben or something like that.also, fro what i researched,abe lincoln and fdr were amazing. however james B. and andrew johnson were horrible same with obama and nixon. hopefully either newt or romney turns out to be good. clinton is iffy we had good economy when he was in office but he abbused his power.idk those are my thoughts... -xdoublezy
—Guest xdoublezy


Chester A. Arthur........................................................................................
—Guest Mick Lane

Andrew Jackson should be higher

Andrew Jackson is America's only President to ever have America debt free. He was a great leader and one that alot of the other Presidents that got elect after him looked at him. He may have been the one that did The Trail of Tears , but hell which other President has never tried to the best for America. Please don't even say that Barrack Obama . He is the worse . It's only gonna get worse before it gets better . Sometimes it feels like we are going bacl to the Colony Times . If Obama does get reelected thats where he will be . We are already owned by another country or maybe 2 countries. We need to stop with the blaming of Bush . The wars that he started he did for the better of America. Atless he didn't go on TV and radio and proclaim that he killed Hussein and Bin Laden . Andrew Jackson is what the old America was about . The simple life and how to apprecate it . Did he raise taxes on the poor and Small business ? No infact he fought the banks and the Supreme Court.
—Guest Lee

Where is JFK AGAIN!!!

Your list is fine. But seriously JFK needs to be top10.
—Guest Blob


1. Abraham Lincoln 2. Franklin Roosevelt 3. Thomas Jefferson 4. John Adams 5. James Polk 6. Harry Truman 7. Theodore Roosevelt 8. Woodrow Wilson 9. George Washington 10. James Madison


A bona fide W.W.11 hero, he preserved the safety of the USA and averted a world-ending atomic catastrophe with his "iron fist in a velvet glove" handling of the Cuban missile crisis. Not only setting a goal of a man on the moon by the end of his decade, he set in motion NASA's ability to accomplish it. Ever present racial strife was handled with moderation and determination to advance the cause of the oppressed. Probably his greatest contribution was to always offer hope with humor, which is sadly missing in today's political scene.
—Guest Bob Conlin

Obama Haters present --as anticipated

I read the response to this article for kicks. You can always tell the individuals that simply HATE Obama. Not even done w/ a term; TWO obstructive Congresses, record filbusters (more during his current tenure than all presidents COMBINED; put in the precarious situation UPON TAKING OFFICE--almost forcing him to spend what money he and administration have currently spent---TO OPERATE AND ATTEMPT TO SAVE THE "8" YEARS OF HAVOC BUSH LEFT; abruptly having to slam on the breaks to a preponderance of legislative and loop-hole, and crony active left un checked for 3 DECADES (thanks for opening the door and 'starving the beast', Pres. Reagan...); having to tie the knots and resolve BUSHES "2" UNPAID wars, etc,etc, etc...yet you have an imbecil claiming that Obama is the worst President. C'mon!! Worst!! What's your REAL 'problem' with Obama? Before you start with the typical knee-jerk 'Repub/TEA Party talking point, parrot responses, I didn't vote for Obama. I definately will in 2012.
—Guest MIkeDD


Neither of the Bush's deserve to be anywhere on the best-of lists.
—Guest David Branch

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Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

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