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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

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Harry S (for nothing) Truman overcame all obstacles confronting the little guy, to become a great President. No man started out so humble and rose so far. His big flaw was not in dropping the bomb, a decision made before he took office, but in misjudging/mishandling Korea. From the Marshall Plan on, his actions allowed Europe to recover from WW2 and contained the communist advances. Besides Truman is the only president I ever shook/touched hands with. His 1948 election is the biggest upset in politics. He made all the decisions and took the heat when needed. His correct firing of General MacArthur for insubordination took more courage than decisions about going to war. The United Nations may not have happened without HST. The other great President were 2. Clinton 3. JFK 4. Cleveland 5. FDR 6. Teddy Roosevelt 7. Obama (so far) 8. Jefferson 9. Gerald Ford 10. Roger Rabbit and no military men on my list Ron Paul in 2012 he's not too old, just too smart.
—Guest Bob Kurtz

Most influential b/c he's the worst

Forget about the top 10. From what I have read it looks like most of us agree on who were the top influential because of the great things they have done but like guest Nick stated hands down Obama is our worst ever president making him the most influential for all the wrong reasons. I pray he doesn't get reelected and another George Washington comes out of the woodwork somewhere. Our country needs to go back to the basics it was founded on first and foremost and put God first and Americans second. Let all those other countries start fending for themselves and focus on all the problems on our own soil. The whole concept of America was to break away from the control of England yet all these yrs later we let ourselves become dependent on China for "cheaper goods" (ha! cheaper made in quality but the so called cheaper price sure wasn't passed on to the consumer) and the middle east for it's crude oil. Produce our own products and tax the heck out of other countries when they buy them.
—Guest Carolinagirl

b clinton

i think bill clington should make d list following his gr8 economic restoration
—Guest frank nwadike

Okay list

This list is pretty good, with the exception of the fact that Polk and Jackson are rated too high. Andrew McCauley
—Guest Andrew

My Top 5

This seems pretty on par with what I had researched. I wrote a Squidoo Lens highlighting the Top 5. What I found most intriguing was the Top 5 were consistent with both liberals and conservatives. Here's my lens: http://www.squidoo.com/top-5-presidents
—Guest Steve

Where's JFK ? (cont)

Allright I just wanted my opinion clarified 1.Abe Lincoln- Kept the us together through it's most turbulent moral crisis in American history 2. Ronald Reagan- Helped the dissolution of the soviet union and recovered the us economy for a while 3. John f. Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson - Kennedy avoided nuclear war with the ussr after his assassination Lyndon took Jfks policies and programs and slapped his name on it the only major political difference was that JFK was OPPOSED to the Vietnam war. 4.Thomas Jefferson author of the declaration of independence. 5. Eisenhower Americas golden days came from his leadership. 6.Harry Truman dropping the bomb was a smart move.7 Teddy Roosevelt- kept American capitalism around trust buster! 8. Franklin Roosevelt's leadership in ww2 was excellent his policies he enacted though while he was office were terrible social security is a joke classic " spread the wealth" garbage.9. George Washington10. Bill Clinton lowered unemployment to its lowest point since 50
—Guest LoganRTrackwell

top ten pres.

Abe Lincoln,George Washington,John Adams, Franklin Roosevelt,George H.W.Bush, George, W. Bush, Ronald Reagan Ulysses S. Grant.Dwight Eisenhower Theodore Roosevelt. Benjamin Harrison,

Wheres JFK?

1. Abe Lincoln 2. Ronald Reagan 3. John f. Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson (Johnson was a piggybacker) 4. Thomas Jefferson 5. Eisenhower 6.Harry Truman (did work in Hiroshima)7.Teddy Roosevelt( he was a damn good president)8.FDR's leadership in ww2 as a president he aloud weak unsuccessful people to sponge off the federal government and aloud congress to have a huge piggy bank in which they could use our hard earned money to fund a dying America 9. George Washington 10. Bill Clinton
—Guest LoganRTrackwell

real top 10 and the worst 10

washington,jefferson,lincoln,fdr,wilsontruman,teddy,reagan,jfk,jackson. Worst- andrew johnson,buchanan,nixion,carter,clinton,grant,lbj,pierce,polk,hoover
—Guest kent

How in the hell is Barack Obama great

Record deficit. Passed a health care plan that provides crappy healthcare to individuals who can't really afford it at the profit of insurance companies. He is as bad as Bush. He doesn't belong in the top 20. It goes Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, FDR, Polk, Teddy, Truman, Eisenhower, LBJ, Jackson, Wilson. Jefferson and Polk are so high since they account for pretty much all of the land we have. LBJ gave us Affirmative Action and government healthcare (while also authorizing Congress to steal money from Social Security). Jackson brought the common man to Executive Office. Teddy busted fewer trusts than Taft (a fact often overlooked), but is still important because he was a populist and was the first president with a real public image. The others belong for obvious reasons. But seriously...Obama? Just because he's black? No. Not that influential.
—Guest Nick


Agree with all, except no. 10. Would put Lyndon Johnson in there, but agree that Ike is a close no.11 or 12. Johnson gets the blame for Viet Nam, which he deserves, mostly; but his civil rights and other domestic accomplishments are significant. Ike could have done the civil rights deal, but didn't. He also contributed to the Viet Nam disaster by calling off elections in Viet Nam because he and Dulles knews the communists would win.
—Guest tim griffin


1. George Washington 2. John Adams 3. Thomas Jefferson 4. Abraham Lincoln 5. Theodore Roosevelt 6. Harry Truman 7. Dwight Eisenhower 8. Richard Nixon 9. Ronald Reagon 10. George H. W. Bush
—Guest Jackie

Top Fiver Prez(:

I think the top 5 most influential presidents would have to be George Washington, Aberham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, George Bush, and Obama
—Guest CC big

My Top 10

In my opinion the most influential presidents often differ from the best presidents, so I have 2 lists. Most Influential 1) Washington 2) Lincoln 3) Reagan 4) JFK 5) FDR 6) Theodore Roosevelt 7) Jefferson 8) Wilson 9) Obama 10) Nixon Best 1) Lincoln 2) FDR 3, 4 and 5) TR, Washington and Jefferson.
—Guest Sam

easy to answer

1.lincoln 2.washington 3.john adams 4.ronald reagan 5.franklin roosevelt 6.andrew jackson 7.eisenhower 8.johnson 9.trueman 10.kenndy. In no way will you see obama on this list as I think he will go down as one of the worst presidents ever
—Guest tazdawg05

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Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

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