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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

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Easy Top 10

1. FDR 2. Lincoln 3. Teddy Roosevelt 4. Cleveland 5. Monroe 6. Wilson 7. Grant 8. LBJ 9. Polk 10. JFK

The top two USA presidents

Sorry for reducing the list to two,these two,extraordinary things Washington set precedents that have made America a great and wise nation while J.F.Kennedy demonstrated to the world that Americans can do anything they set their minds to do.
—Guest Lepakiyo Ljusi


1. G. Washington 2. A. Lincoln 3. F. D. R. 4. T. Roosevelt 5. A. Jackson 6. T. Jefferson 7. W. Wilson 8. H. Truman 9. J. Kennedy 10. B. Obama!!!
—Guest G.K.

He is better than FDR, Why?

Well because FDR started all of these Welfare systems that make america lazy. Ronald Reagan stood up to the Soviets and established a strong economy.
—Guest Ronald reagan.

Top Ten

1. Lincoln 2. Washington 3. Wilson 4. FDR 5. Teddy 6. Eisenhower 7. Truman 8. John Adams 9. Reagan 10. Obama
—Guest Noah

Top Ten

1.Abe Lincoln 2. Woodrow Wilson 3. George Washington 4.James Madison 5.FDR 6.Ronald Reagan 7. Barack Obama 8. Teddy Roosevelt 9. John Kennedy 10. Thomas Jefferson
—Guest nothing but president

The Real Top 10

1. Ronald Reagan 2. George Washington 3. Teddy Roosevelt 4. Andrew Jackson 5. FDR 6. Thomas Jefferson 7. Abraham Lincoln 8. James Madison 9. George W. Bush 10. Calvin Coolidge
—Guest michael

Top Ten Presidents

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, James K. Polk, John F. Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan
—Guest dondi

My 10 most influential

1- Washington 2- Jefferson 3- Madison 4- Monroe 5- Jackson 6- Lincoln 7- Teddy rosevelt 8- FDR 9- Kennedy 10- Reagan But not in that order.


I shall name three, and ponder the remaining 7, since these three are within the sphere of my life and experience: FDR, Kennedy, Clinton.
—Guest john polifronio

From the Opinion of a High Schooler

1. George Washington 2. Lincoln 3. JFK 4. Teddy Roosevelt 5. John Adams 6. Obama 7. Hoover 8. FDR 9. Coolidge 10. Reagan
—Guest Marie1994

The Good, the Bad, but no Ugly

I avoid the temporal and look at who had a lasting effect on this nation. The Good all have in common that they were the president of all the people. Obviously Washington, Jefferson and James Madison are three men who framed the constitution, and got our country started. Next would be Lincoln who held this nation together. Theodore Roosevelt redefined this country as a leader in the world. FDR got us through the depression and WWII. Harry Truman, brought WWII to an end. Ike got us thru the Cold War and maintained the peace. JFK made us realize we could do anything we wanted, even going to the Moon. Nixon, got us thru a war and recession. The Bad; Pierce and James Buchanan, the placaters. Andy Jackson for his treatment of Native Americans. Reagan-record debt, drugs for guns, aid to BinLaden. George W.- Most changes by a president, but all in favor of rich or corporations. Invaded Irag, never accomplished mission. Record deficit when he left office.
—Guest Boy Scout-John

top ten most influental presidents

Why so few thought JF Kenndy was great? He did a lot to put America on the world map...he showed that family life was important and Jackie certainly raised responsible and well mannered children...isn't that also what presidents are for to show us that there is life before and after wars
—Guest joyce

A Few Good (and questionable) Men...

I'm not a huge history buff, but I'm not really, that stupid when it comes to: The best and not so best! lol. So I'll make a top 5 list for both good and mediocre presidents.. Excellent and good: 1. Ronald Reagan 2. Abraham Lincoln 3. John F. Kennedy 4. Bill Clinton 5. George Washington Not so good: 1. Ulysess S. Grant (actually a distant relative to my son) 2. Richard M. Nixon 3. George W. Bush 4. Andrew Jackson 5. Andrew Johnson

The 8 Greatest Presidents in My Opinion

This is much like PanamaRod's list: 1) Washington 2) Jefferson 3) Reagan 4) Monroe 5) Lincoln 6) Jackson 7) T Roosevelt 8) Eisenhower I couldn't come up with 2 others that I thought were great.
—Guest OoMamaMauMau

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Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

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