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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

Responses: 130


my 10

1. Washington 2. TR 3. Lincoln 4. Jefferson 5. Madison 6. Polk 7. Monroe 8. Reagan 9. Jackson 10. FDR Wilson was a terrible president, not be included on this list, "influential" possible but more like horrible and disaster would describe his presidency, like Carter. Not worthy of this list IMHO.
—Guest Jan

My top 10

2. Washington, 3. Reagan 4. Polk 5. Jefferson 6. McKinley 7. Adams, J 8. Bush, GW When the smoke clears people might open there eyes and realize how badly he was represented by the media and how greatly he represented our countries intrest 9. Adams, JQ 10. Jackson

top 10 most infuential presidents

Washinton 1 thru 10, there would not be a US without him.
—Guest loretta VanArnam


Lincoln,Washington,FDR,John Adams,Jackson,Monroe,Regan,Truman, and Clinton
—Guest rlupi

Ten Most Influential Presidents

Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson,J.Adams,Polk,Jackson,J.Q.Adams,LBJ,FDR,and T.Roosevelt.
—Guest Willysantabart

Top 10 Presidents

1. George Washington 2. Abe Lincoln 3. Thomas Jefferson 4. Ronald Reagan 5. Andrew Jackson 6. Teddy Roosevelt 7. Harry Truman 8. Woodrow Wilson 9. Dwight Eisenhower 10. James Polk

Top Ten Presidents

1. George Washington 2.Thomas Jefferson 3.John Adams 4.Andrew Jackson 5.Millard Fillmore 6.Chester A. Arthur 7.Theodore Roosevelt 8.Abraham Lincoln 9.Woodrow Wilson 10.Franklin D. Roosevelt

Top 3 of 20th Century

1. Franklin Roosevelt 2. Theodore Roosevelt 3. Ronald Reagan Kennedy did not have time for a lasting legacy. Truman overated because of recent books. Wilson failed on League of Nations and sent many boys to Europe with influenza after being warned; which killed millions of Europeans.
—Guest Brad

Does anyone read history?

I have to rank James Madison THE most important president in our history. 1)Known as the father of the U.S. Constitution 2)Responsible for the bill of rights (not jefferson contrary to popular belief) 3)Wrote a large portion of the Federalist papers (which was written to inspire people to vote for the Constitution when it was up for ratification) 4)Served as one of the leaders in the 1st Congress (This was prior to having a speaker of the house) 5)Supervised the signing of the Louisiana Purchase (Which doubled the size of the U.S) 5)Fought for States rights rather then a large Centralized government (Unlike today where the federal government rules) 7)Convinced congress to go to war in 1812 (Britain instigated the build up to war by capturing American ships and forcing they're crews to serve in the British Navy) 8)Kept notes on the first Constitutional Convention of 1787. (Again contrary to popular believe the Constitution wasn't the first rule of law in the U.S.)
—Guest Raivyn

Great Leaders

1) Lincoln 2) Washington 3) FDR 4) Jackson 5) T. Roosevelt 6) JFK 7) LBJ 8) Clinton 9) Wilson 10) Jefferson.
—Guest Chris

God choices!

Excellent choices- but I think Thomas Jefferson should be more at the bottom of the list. Also, I think Dwight Eisenhower is completely overrated and shouldn't be in the list. I think Lyndon Johnson should be in the list.
—Guest Netanel Newberger

I do not understand what a responce is

I would replace Andrew Jackson with Bill Clinton. WHY ? How many presdents have had a ballanced budget before they left office ? ( and five years before it was to be ballanced
—Guest Kenneth E. Norris

10 most influential presidents

1 - Abraham Lincoln # 16 2 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt # 32 3 - Theodore Roosevelt # 26 4 - George Washington # 1 5 - Thomas Jefferson # 3 6 - Andrew Jackson # 7 7 - Harry S. Truman # 33 8 - Dwight D. Eisenhower # 34 9 - Ronald W. Reagan # 40 10 - Woodrow Wilson # 28
—Guest geneandketa

10 most influential Presidents, ranked

1. Lincoln, 2. Washington, 3. FDR, 4. Jefferson, 5. Wilson, 6. Jackson, 7. Truman, 8. T. Roosevelt, 9. JFK, 10. Polk
—Guest reggie robertson

Top 10 Influential Presidents

Lincoln, Washington, FDR, Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Jefferson, Polk, LBJ, Reagan, Truman

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