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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

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Top ten US Presidents

Reagan, Wilson, Roosevelt Teddy and Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, John Adams, George H Bush, Kennedy
—Guest grsmari15@aol.com

Ten Best

I have my top ten list of presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Barack Hussein Obama.
—Guest Gent258

10 most influential Presidents

1. George Washington 2. Thomas Jefferson 3. Abraham Lincoln 4. Ulysses S. Grant 5. William Howard Taft 6. Theodore Roosevelt 7. Herbert Hoover 8. William McKinley 9. John F. Kennedy 10. Barack Obama

10 most influential

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, F.D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, L.B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton
—Guest WVelez

Ronald Regan

I'm not sure who he should replace on that this list, but i think one of the most influential presidents was Ronald Regan, His legacy is endless, he did many things that have had a profound impact not just on the US but the world over, most notably outpacing the USSR during the cold war, which eventually led to the fall of the USSR.
—Guest Wallyb

Most Influential Presidents: my opinion

1. George Washington has in some way influenced every man who has ever elected to the office of President of the United States. 2. Thomas Jefferson wove strands of enlightenment ideas into the basic fabric of American political philosophy. 3. Abraham Lincoln demonstrated in his life and presidency what modern author Jeff Olson calls "the slight edge." 4. Chester Alan Arthur began reforms through a new way of testing applicants for civil service jobs. He also began the process of raising money to develop dependable ships for the U.S. Navy. 5. Harry S. Truman 6. Richard Nixon 7. Ronald Reagan 8. Barack Obama 9. Lyndon B. Johnson 10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
—Guest Timothy

Lets study our countrys' history.

Firstly, the founding fathers owned slaves. Because of this, the early presidents shouldn't be on the best presidents list. 1. Lincoln, 2.FDR, 3. Kennedy, 4. Obama, 5. Clinton, 6. Teddy Roosevelt,7.Reagan, 8. Adams


—Guest AL ZITO


James Madison James K Polk Abraham Lincoln FDR Ronald Reagan Thomas Jefferson Zachary Taylor Teddy Roosevelt JFK John Adams
—Guest merle

old fart

clinton-eisenhower-trumen-fdr-theodore roosevelt-reagan-lincoln-bush sr-washington
—Guest gerald eady

most influentil presidents

I have a tendancy to believe that Nixon was given a very bad rap. It was the Nixon doctrine that said spend the Soviets into oblivion. Ronald Reagan just followed the manual. It was well explained that we should stay militarily out of the middle East. Killing Sadaam was the biggest blunder in the last 100 years. If your readers ever read, they would agree. Tricky Dick rules. It doesn't mean that Ronald Reagan isn't a saint. God bless them all. Of course we can't complain about Jews being killed in Germany or Christians anihilated all over the middle East. It's not like that hasn't been government policy worldwide for 3000 years.
—Guest keith


I think that leaving Reagan out of the top ten in respect to a couple of those that are named is ludicrous. The result of Reaganomics was one of single greatest economic periods in history. Though I also believe that while wholly unintentional and incomprehensibly overlooked, Reagan policy was the catalyst for the savings and loan debacle, it is quite clear that even with the other black marks considered, the Reagan presidency is responsible for monumentally historic events domestically and globally that few others compete. The major considerations must be to note where we were upon Reagan's election, Reagan's background from birth to 1976 and the level of tactics used to try to defeat him and the consequences of those tactics The events, statistics and simple, numerical facts , including the election and re-election figures and his enduring popularity, surely position Reagan in the top ten without question
—Guest Craig Hearn

top ten preisdents

Lyndon Johnson's legislative achievements were enormous. His civil rights record is unparalled and Medicare has saved and prolonged countless American lives. He belongs in anyone's top ten, VietNam notwithstanding.
—Guest pasquale

Not in agreement

Some of the presidents in my opinion did not influence the State positively because they broke great trends that has made magnificent impact in the world today. If the 22nd amendment had not being institutionalized, who knows what may have become of this great State. Example is President Roosevelt. My country respects USA so much because of its' adherence to state regulations.
—Guest Celestina Assan

best does not = influential

Influential does not mean best. While I would agree that many of the aforementioned presidents were very accomplished, some were not influential. On the flip side, some presidents that were not named had a negative influence on America. So here is my top 5 influential presidents. 1. Nixon- The Watergate Scandal completely changed the media's role in politics. 2. Wilson- He attacked everything that moved. He also fired every black worker in the White House, effectively segregating it after several decades of desegregation. 3. Lincoln - Slavery was ended under his comand, but his most influenial act, was his death. 4. Eisenhower- The man's military style leadership change American Leadership, plus, he came up with a really catchy slogan. 5. Reagan/Obama - Both infuenced the public, not by an act, but with charisma, to the point of changing American mentality.
—Guest 100011010

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Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

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