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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

Responses: 130


influential doesn't mean best

Tom Jefferson, Ted Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, Ron Reagan, F. Roosevelt, & all the rest were more or less the same

best president

Washington is in my opinion the best president because of a few reasons one he refused absolute power in his term while every other president has tried to reverse that trend. Second he kept the extremely frail nation from falling apart in spite of the issues of taxes and of slavery third he was the most humble and this important because Washington knew that he didnt know everything and was willing to have men of different beliefs than his own shape his decisions because of their knowledge over his own. Fourth he is a man of great character this does not necessarily qualify him to be the president but with his previous qualifications like being the general in the army and leading them through and sharing in there suffering also his presence in the Philadelphia during the constitution congress this combined with an outstanding moral and religious core made him the most qualified man to take the oath but it is his actions that made him the best president of all time
—Guest steve

Influential Presidents

Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Wilson, Carter, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower, John Adams
—Guest OmarTGafney

Top 10 Most Influential Presidents

1. George Washington, 2. John Adams, 3. Thomas Jefferson, 4. Abraham Lincoln, 5. Theodore Roosevelt, 6. Ronald Reagan, 7. Dwight Eisenhower, 8. Andrew Jackson, 9. James Polk, 10. Calvin Coolidge
—Guest Chad Thorson

top 10 most influential presidents

1)Lincoln 2)Washington 3)FDR 4)T. Roosevelt 5)Thomas Jefferson 6)Ronald Reagon 7)Eisenhower 8)LBJ 9)Truman 10)Jackson
—Guest brent


i would rate george washington in first place the rest of the list is good especially ending with eisenhower.
—Guest salewis

Top Ten Presidents

1.) FDR (New Deal, WWII) 2.) A. Lincoln (Civil War, Emancipation) 3.) T. Roosevelt (Conservation, Progressive Industry, Anti-Trust, Panama Canal, Big Stick Diplomacy) 4.) G. Washington (Balance of Federalism and states' rights, Isolationism, role of President) 5.) LBJ (Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Great Society, end of Vietnam Conflict) 6.) T. Jefferson (Louisiana Purchase, consolidation of federal authority, foreign slave trade ends) 7.) JK Polk (Mexican War, purchase of CA, Oregon Terr) 8.) W. Wilson (Clayton Anti-Trust, WWI, Federal Reserve Act, Federal income tax) 9.) J. Madison (War of 1812, true sovereignty) 10.) R. Reagan (US/USSR diplomacy)
—Guest Jay Wadleigh

Top 10 Influential Presidents

1. George Washington, 2. Thomas Jefferson, 3. Abraham Lincoln, 4. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 5. Teddy Roosevelt, 6. John Adams, 7. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 8. Ronald Reagan, 9. James Polk, 10. Andrew Jackson
—Guest Tracy Butte

most influential

washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, Nixon, Both Roosevelts, Truman, Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, others were influential, too....... but.....
—Guest audie

Top 10

Lincoln, Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Truman, Cleveland, Jackson, Reagan, Polk, Eisenhower
—Guest Mark Brewer

Top ten presidents

1. Washington 2. Jefferson 3. Lincoln 4. F.D.Roosevelt 5. Jackson 6. Kennedy 7. Nixon 8. Eisenhower 9. Monroe 10.Truman

Influence of Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson deserves to be in the list of most influential presidents but not because he did anything good. His incompetence and complete lack of foresight and plan, involved the US in WW1 and led to a decisive victory. Sounds good, but the decisive victory put the British and French in a position to drive an extremely harsh set of peace terms the directly led to the rise of Hitler. Wilson wanted to be a player on the world stage. Unfortunately, he was ill equipped to do so and we all paid a very high price.


Washington, Jefferson, John Adams,Monroe,Jackson,Lincoln,FDR, Truman,Eisenhower,and Reagan
—Guest carlhistory


Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Reagan, Kennedy, Truman, Monroe, John Adams, Nixon, George W. Bush
—Guest johnnymster@hotmail.com

jim D10

1-Washington 2-Lincoln 3-Jackson 4-Franklin Delano Roosevelt 5-Polk 6-Jefferson 7-Reagan 8-Monroe 9-Theodore Roosevelt 10-Truman
—Guest Conrad Doedderlein

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