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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Were the Top Ten Most Influential Presidents?

Responses: 130


Historians often discuss which presidents were the most influential in American History. It's your turn to rank who you believe are the top ten presidents.

My Opinion

1. Washington 2.Lincoln 3. Jefferson 4. Reagan 5. Kennedy 6. Adams 7. Truman 8. T. Roosevelt 9. Polk 10. Ford Jackson should have been impeached. A. Johnson and Clinton were. Nixon was a crook.

My Top 10 (enjoy!)

1- George Washington the man who set up the constitution, gained the yanks their freedom 2-JFK- Many say he was a womanizing sympathizer for the Cubans, he forced the ban on unconventional drugs and slashed taxes, which is a surprise due to him being a liberal. 3-Abraham Lincoln He won the war. Made the final push into freedom for the negros. 4-Theodore Roosevelt A great man, restructured the cabinet for the better and brought down American pollution by 38% 5- Thomas Jefferson This man wrote the constitution left to Him by John Adams.
—Guest RM98

Top Ten U. S. Presidents

1) FDR; 2) A Lincoln; 3) T Jefferson; 4) R Reagan; 5) B Cinton; 6) H Truman; 7) T Roosevelt; 8) W Wilson; 9) B Obama; 10) LBJ. Apperarances are always too important in this country-that's why Reagan is on most everyone's top-10. He got far more credit than he ever deserved because of how he looked in a suit. And that has been bestowed upon him by constant republican rederick-more than he ever probably wanted. He is the only real republican hero they have. Otherwise it's just the Bush boys, Hoover, and Tricky Dick. Oh, my. No wonder.
—Guest Realist

Top Ten U.S. Presidents

1. Abraham Lincoln 2. James Madison 3. James Monroe 4. Franklin D. Roosevelt 5. George Washington 6. Theodore Roosevelt 7. Thomas Jefferson 8. Harry S. Truman 9. Woodrow Wilson 10. John Adams
—Guest Aladdin

Top 10 best presidents (to me)

1. Lincoln because he led us thru the civil war 2. JFK led us thru bay of pigs and Cuban missle 3. Truman dropped atomic bomb on Japanese 4. F. D. R 5. Reagan 6. Washington 7. Jefferson 8. LBJ 9. T. Roosevelt 10. George H W Bush.
—Guest Not telling


George Washinton must be ranked number one. If there was no Washington there would be no country for the other presidents to follow. "First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen." Second goes to Lincoln, followed by Jefferson, FDR, Jackson, T. R.
—Guest nora

A Short Top Five

Reagan - For winning the Cold War. James K. Polk - For winning the Mexican-American War, making America a coast-to-coast country, and having the self-discipline to only serve one term. Theodore Roosevelt - For placing America on the world stage with his Great White Fleet and building the Panama Canal. Was also shot in the chest during a speech and finished the rest of the speech. Calvin Coolidge - For leading America through the most explosive period of economic growth in American history, cleaning up after the corrupt Harding administration, as well as only serving one elected term Dwight D. Eisenhower - For his leadership during the end of the Korean War and the early part of the Cold War.
—Guest Guest


People have become ignorant how can you put FDR in the top 10? He's the worst president ever. He put Japanese people in concentration camps(they were american citizens.) Lincoln was also one of the worst he took away the right of habeus corpus this alone should get you in the top 5 worst. Washington by far was the best he stuck to his principles and wasn't wanting to be president. It wasn't his goal. He was brought out of retirement forcefully to govern this country and he only took two terms (fdr took 4 dictator?) And if it wasnt for FDR butting in and trying to help the great depression it would of been over in about 2x faster. By the way, America wasn't initially a democracy. In fact, the founding fathers thought a democracy was the worst type of goverment. America was made to be a republic!!!
—Guest Angelo


I have no idea why you people are making Obama seem like an evil person. he is trying his best to get this country back up to where we should be. I'm not an Obama fan because he is black, although i do support influential blacks, i support him because he is trying to help us.
—Guest Blackhighschooler


Washington set numerous precidents that created the nation as it is today. Without him we would be a different nation. For example, he set the presidnet for the maximum 8 terms you can serve today. He rejected his 3rd offer of presidency. He formed the nation as it is today and guided us to our new glory.
—Guest Someone


where is ronald reagan. I mean seriously. At least put him on one of the top 5 spots.
—Guest ben

Not Quite

In this order, credit to implanting preserving and defending Democracy, that funky political system the world thrives under: 1. Washington. 2. Lincoln. 3. FDR 4. Double RR (Ronald Reagan) Vote for worst in US history, from a guy who served under him: Bill (Slick Willy) Clinton . . . there's a reason they called him slick willy.
—Guest blinkdt

Research Reagan and he's not that great.

Reagan was NOT a great president. Not even by a long shot. He is remembered fondly due to his image of what Americans saw. Behind the scenes, there's more than what meets the eyes. In the rest of my post, I will comment briefly on all the major things that happened in his presidency and I'll leave you to decide if he did leave America better off... Iranian Hostage Crisis: Ended the same day Reagan was inaugurated. Coincidence? I think not. Assassination: With nearly all assassinations, popularity ratings go up and people have empathy for the victim. Reaganomics: Goal was for those with money to invest in the economy, but not all of them did and it didn't necessarily trickle down. As his VP labeled it, "Voodoo Economics". Budget Deficit: Doubled in his presidency. Beats any other modern president by a long shot, with exception of FDR. Iran-Contra: Need I say more? Fall of USSR: A little research of what was going on at the time, Gorbachev led the fall of the USSR.
—Guest Guest

Really! Nixon stunk!

1.bill clinton 2.Abraham Lincoln 3.George Washington 4.FDR 5.Lyndon b johnson 6.Obama 7.James Madison 8.Herbert Hoover 9.theadore roosevelt 10. Ulysses grant
—Guest Yomomadonut

Get real!!!

How can you put two of the worst presidents in American History as number one and two. Both Lincoln and Roosevelt's actions while in office showed nothing but their unwillingness to preserve protect and defend the US Constitution.
—Guest Howard

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